Baby E’s “Kill The Noise” is Absolute Fire

Ethan Lowery, more commonly known as Baby E, has just dropped hands down the best mixtape of his career as an emcee. Having singed under Dr. Luke and Young Money Entertainment, Baby E has definitely got something special. The project consists of 14 tracks that are undoubtedly going to spread his name. Kill The Noise features Lil Wayne and Hoody Baby in the song “Bando”, Deniro Ferrar in “Don’t Stop”, and Juicy J in “Baddest Bitch in the World.” The features could not be more on point with the whole vibe and feel of the project.

Coming straight out of Pensacola, Florida, Baby E is making a very powerful impression with a mixtape of just pure quality. As soon as you press that play button to the moment that the music stops, you will be hit with track after track of straight fire. “Finessin” is one of the songs to look out for as well as “Bando” and “Always On My Mind.”

E dropped the single “Finessin” roughly a year ago, but in this version he features Lil Wayne. You can check out the video shoot of the song right here:

Kill The Noise has such a strong message that it makes it impossible to miss. It is crystal clear that Baby E is rapping for a cause; a very defined cause. When passion and talent meet, you get something that is meaningful and worth a while. And that is exactly what E. did with Kill The Noise. You will be listening to a very well crafted art that will leave you coming back for more.

“Always On My Mind” is a pivotal song where Baby E expresses himself in a way that could not be more positive and elegant. Among the things that he says are: “take the old you and have a funeral,” “go show the people who you really are,” and “just use your pain for goodness sake.” With lyrics like these that are pushing us to become the better version of ourselves. Baby E deserves some major respect. This is a perfect example of an artist composing something that surpasses the simple idea of a song. I urge you to listen closely to what Kill The Noise has to tell you because if you apply some of the advice that is given, your life will take a turn for the better.

After all, the most remarkable thing about Kill The Noise is how relaxing it is. This is literally the perfect playlist for one of those long drives where you need some good road trip music. And If you listen to it before going to bed, you will wake up brand new. In my personal life, I have never heard a project that is so consistently good. Make sure to check it our here:

Baby E’s Media: Twitter ¦ Soundcloud

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Carlos Swinburn

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