Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” video a disaster or masterpiece?

“The video cost over $100,000 and the artist never showed up, but you’re still watching”

This basically sums up videographer Ryan Staake’s experience with filming a music video for Young Thug’s “Wylclef Jean”. The video has everything Thugger initially envisioned for the reggae inspired jam: kiddie cars with adult women drivers, real police cars with child officers, and a scene where the kids and the women destroy the police car. What the video is missing however, is Young Thug on set. Granted Thug does make a cameo while eating Cheetos by a private jet but the footage is out of place, and frankly, bizarre. Watch the video below and decide for yourself – Is this a terrible train wreck highlighting the entitlement and disregard for others rap artists display? Or is it a testament to the star power and influence that these artists have; the ability to get millions of views for a music video they never showed up for?

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Vincent Chandra

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