Marty Grimes shouts out his real ones in “As Long As I Got”

“As long as I got cash in my pocket we all eatin’, and if im drivin’ you know we all squeezin'”

This mentality drives Marty Grimes to succeed. In his mind, he has to make it to the top to provide for his friends and family. He also repeats the mantra “as long as I got” to outline what is important to him: friends, family, success. This track, from the upcoming Martyjuana project, is an uplifting anthem to slap when you need a pick-me-up. The track radiates positivity and gives listeners an escape from the stress of the struggle. The Berkeley, California product is gearing up to release Martyjuana on January 27th, so keep an eye on the young emcee as he continues to make a name for himself. In the meantime, check out “As Long As I Got” below:

Marty Grimes‘s Media: Twitter | SoundCloud

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Vincent Chandra

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