Wynne delivers politically charged “An Open Letter to Donald Trump”

As the United States enters the Donald Trump era, there is still a huge divide in public opinion on our nation’s new leader. Donald Trump has the support of millions of Americans, but at the same time has millions outraged. The election of Trump has caused many Americans to react with demonstrations, and even notable figures of the hip hop community have reacted to his victory. Some have even used music as their platform for voicing their opinions, like the latest Joey Bada$$ track “Land of the Free” and  YG‘s “FDT”. Portland rapper Wynne has done the same thing with her newest song, “An Open Letter to Donald Trump”.

Wynne criticizes Trump’s actions and puts into words the way that millions of Americans have felt about 2016’s election cycle and what it could mean for United States history. Not only does she translate how many people in this nation are feeling, she does it with exceptional lyricism, flow, and emotion. The production is also worth mentioning. Wynne raps over a solemn instrumental that accurately depicts the mood that many Americans have experienced since the results of 2016’s presidential election. Wynne also compares the upcoming Trump-era to other times of oppression in United States history, including Jim Crow laws and Ronald Reagan’s war on crack.

Wynne‘s media: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | http://www.sinawynne.com

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