Hip Hop reacts and reflects on Obama/Trump

It’s no secret that America’s newest president is not well liked in the hip hop community. From YG’s popular “FDT” track to Joey Bada$$‘s new track “Land of the Free”, songs and tweets have been made to voice the hip hop communities’ opinions. Some highlights from the past two days reveal hip hop’s deep appreciation for President Obama and its skeptical thoughts about the next four years. I’m putting this all very nicely for the sake of proper journalism, I’ll just let you read what the hip hop world had to say:

Dreamville Records president Ibrahim Hamad:

It’s no secret YG is not a Donald Trump fan:

Cinematic Music Group‘s Jonny Shipes:

Plies was clearly not one of the 700,000 people attending the inauguration:

Arguably the biggest name in modern rap is an Obama fan:



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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

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