Russ gets in his feels for “Used To You”

Russ‘s new song, “Used To You”, gives insight into his personal life and how the Atlanta based emcee is emotionally. We commend Russ for not being ashamed for being all up in his feelings. Surprisingly, it seems like Russ might be ready to settle down: “Life is better when you love somebody, though its been a while since I trust somebody, so tonight, come clean so that we can keep on pushing, I don’t wanna have to go and keep on looking.” Russ has recently voiced his opinion on the topic of “catching feelings”



The tweet adds to the speculation that Russ might have found the one. This track is as emotional as any Russ track, but he takes his generally upbeat melodies and slows them down for “Used to You”. Check it out here:

Russ’s media: Twitter | SoundCloud

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Carlos Swinburn

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