Ace Gabbana teams up with Jon Connor on “96 till Whenever”

Despite the everlasting boom of new era beats revolving around 808s and synthetic sound, Ace Gabbana proves that a drum kit’s bass and snare can still bob heads. The new track, “96 till whenever” was released by Ace Gabbana featuring Jon Connor, both of which come from Flint, Michigan. The beat sampled for the song came from the original track “93 till” by Souls of Mischief, which gained a substantial amount of attention after engaging the listener into a days worth of activities in East Oakland, California. Jon Connor keeps the same motif of reminiscing on younger days just as the Souls of Mischief did by narrating his neighborhood street encounters and listing his rap favorites.  Jon Connor also introduces the dilemma of a growing artist which includes feeling ahead of one’s prime. Jon Connor touches on getting ideas out in a timely and organized fashion. The track reminds listeners that rappers must keep their artwork scarce in order to add value. Listen to the new track below:

Ace Gabbana‘s media: Twitter | SoundCloud


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Shahab Monfared

Hip Hop has the power to influence the youth, which entails influencing our future. Doing what I can to bring it to you with philosophical insight. Sacramento, CA putting the gold in the golden state.