Check out Alec Good’s new track “HEADHUNNA$”

The rap game has a bounty over its head and Alec Good has come to collect. The upcoming prodigy has displayed a wide range of vocals and melodies. On “HEADHUNNA$”, he teams up with another Sacramento artist Tavis, as they both hit the beat strong putting a grimy hair swinging smile on any listener. The beat for the single was produced by Martin $ky of Chicago. It is no debate that the skilled trio have catered to the need of energetic uplifting music. A catchy hook starts off the song with well complemented ad-libs giving confidence to the listener and spraying an upbeat attitude out of the speakers. Alec Good even mocks the rap game momentarily when stating how many rappers feel the need to express gun violence. The diversity and upbeat attitude brought to you by Alec Good, Tavis, and Martin $ky is a prime example of what the future of hip hop holds. Check out the youngsters’ work below:

Alec Good‘s media: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Tavis‘ media: Twitter | SoundCloud |

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Shahab Monfared

Hip Hop has the power to influence the youth, which entails influencing our future. Doing what I can to bring it to you with philosophical insight. Sacramento, CA putting the gold in the golden state.