Dave East pays tribute to Nas with new music video

Its no secret that Dave East officially snapped on the track “It was Written”, which was a Nas tribute that he dropped on the album Kairi Chanel  back in 2016. If you’re going to name a song after a legendary Nas album that went double platinum, you have to perform. Dave East’s track was produced exceptionally by Mr. Authentic of Chicago, IL with a long drawn out piano riff on top of a bass and snare kick. The beat is designed for some real poetry and that is exactly what Dave East delivered. The video pays homage to one of the rap game’s most prestigious artists, Nas, who originates from Brooklyn, New York. Dave East, also a New York native, films on Manhattan rooftops emphasizing the shared origin of the two emcees. The video consists of multiple shots of East writing scripture with candles lit, symbolizing how serious he is about this craft. Other filmed locations like the rooftops of the Manhattan projects allow him to display where he’s from and what he’s about. He presents nothing but love for New York and his artwork. Check out the new video below:

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Shahab Monfared

Hip Hop has the power to influence the youth, which entails influencing our future. Doing what I can to bring it to you with philosophical insight. Sacramento, CA putting the gold in the golden state.