Warhol.ss keeps up momentum in new year with “32 Gang”

Warhol.ss has had a busy start to the new year. He’s already produced four of his own singles, and has also rapped guest verses on multiple tracks. Today, Warhol released his newest track, “32GANG”. The rapper makes nothing but slappers, and this song is no exception.

Warhol currently resides in Chicago. However, he spent his high school years in Atlanta, which becomes apparent after listening to a few of his tracks. Both his beat-selection and his style of rapping reflect the hard-hitting style of hip-hop that many Atlanta-based emcees are known for. As the cliche goes: you can take the emcee out of Atlanta, but you can’t take Atlanta out of the emcee.

Warhol‘s music is available on his SoundCloud, but the artist has recently started putting his work onto Spotify and Apple Music. Gaining a significant following on these two streaming applications will be vital to proving his legitimacy and ensuring his longterm success.

Warhol.ss’s media: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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