Freestyle Friday: Is this one a classic yet?

If you’ve been anywhere on our site, you already know Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight, but maybe not the rest of the Pro Era crew. This freestyle video is from August of 2012, when the Pro Era collective was just beginning to gain serious traction.

Apex Hip Hop takes no credit for this video, but for our first installment of the Freestyle Friday series we had to showcase a freestyle from emcees who are really on their way to greatness. This freestyle can almost be considered a classic, with emcees who are currently making waves in mainstream hip hop. I remember hearing this and knowing the whole Pro Era crew was up to something

The growth Joey Bada$$ has experiences since this freestyle 4 years ago is undeniable. He has grown from a kid with lyrics and an old school flow to a worldwide superstar. Capital Steez is no longer with us, and 2012 was the last year of his life. His music is currently limited to his Amerikkkan Korruption tape, but the Pro Era team has been waiting some time to release an album of his. Kirk Knight and CJ Fly have since drops albums and mixtapes of their own. Dirty Sanchez‘s hard bars in this freestyle are no accident, and he has a ton of music up on SoundCloud now. Chuck Strangers currently resides in Los Angeles and makes beats, sometimes hopping on the microphone. Powers Pleasant(seen in the front not rapping) is now a DJ who has been on tour with a variety of acts including The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies. Rokamouth has probably been the least active with his music of the group recently, but his bars in this are no joke.

The group trades bars in this that sees some of the hardest lyrics on any Pitchfork Selector freestyle. My personal favorite is “we flier than propellers/ ain’t shit that you could tell us/ bitches that like to wine we throw em in the cellar” from Dirty Sanchez. Before I keep going on about one of my favorite freestyles ever, check it out. If you skip to 2:23 in the video you’ll see the first beat that only Joey Bada$$ raps over. From 3:05 until the end of the video, the whole team is rapping to the best of their ability. This freestyle does not disappoint, and Apex Hip Hop is waiting for upcoming emcees that can give us a freestyle like this to showcase on this new Freestyle Friday series.

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