Tee Grizzley has way more up his sleeve

Tee Grizzley surprises the rap community yet again with his new single Second Day Out. The title serves as a reminder of his motivation to bounce back from being in prison as he raps about in his new song, as well as his previous slap First Day Out. Today marks the one month release of the track First Day Out which gained substantial buzz on SoundCloud landing the 300 Entertainment signee in the Top 50. First Day Out has a unique structure consisting of a beat change that leads to a minute and thirty seconds of rapid bars over a piano riff and a hyphy ending that is coming out of speakers across the nation. Second Day Out however, showcases Tee Grizzley’s ability to maneuver on the beat and sing. In contrast to his first major song, Second Day Out starts with a motivating, uplifting chorus once again outlining his inclination to live an artists life free of imprisonment. He switches up his flow a couple times for emphasis on his moral views and feelings towards haters. Check out the Michigan native’s most recent work below.

Tee Grizzley‘s media: Twitter

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Shahab Monfared

Hip Hop has the power to influence the youth, which entails influencing our future. Doing what I can to bring it to you with philosophical insight. Sacramento, CA putting the gold in the golden state.