Brandon Gix drops off “Nothing To Say”

Brandon Gix is an independent recording artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has been taking music seriously since 2010, but has always had a love for hip hop. Today he released a new song titled “Nothing To Say”, which showcases his ability to create an easygoing masterpiece. The track is motivational and discusses how he works hard without talking about working hard. It contains a catchy hook in which Gix is able to flex his singing abilities. The singular, short verse is a bit more rappy but still manages to maintain the melodic style of the song. It seems almost too short, leaving us wanting just one more verse added onto the track to see Gix transport the listener into his world where time feels frozen. Check out “Nothing To Say” here:

Brandon Gix‘s media: Twitter | SoundCloud

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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

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