Chuuwee gives peek into ‘Paradiso’ with “UNITY”

Chuuwee is a Sacramento emcee who has cultivated a large fan base by releasing about two dozen projects since 2009. With his unparalleled work ethic, there’s no telling how large his discography will grow to be.

His next album, Paradiso, is part one of his five part album series titled Dystopia and is due to be available March 24th. Chuuwee‘s latest single, “UNITY”, gives a preview of what is to come in the upcoming project. The instrumental for “UNITY”, produced by Derrick, has more of a somber vibe to it, which fits the lyrics perfectly. Chuuwee is known for getting political and talking real world problems in his songs, and this song is no exception. The opening dialogue mentions the presidency of Donald Trump, and at one point Chuuwee discusses Syrian refugees. Listen to the track below to see what the emcee is all about:

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