Ottawa’s Zach Diamond vibes on “Daydream”

The future for Zach Diamond is shining as bright as his last name. The kid is still young but his technical abilities in front of the microphone are undeniable. The Ottowa-based emcee always keeps a positive message, and his beat selection always compliments it beautifully.  Diamond continues that trend on his latest single, “Daydream”. You can witness the young emcee’s talent below:

At the young age of 17, the kid can spit double time flows and elegant rhyme schemes that strongly resemble Maryland’s Logic. It wouldn’t be surprising if Logic is one of his top influences, because Diamond also seems to allude to Logic‘s “Welcome to Forever” at the beginning of his second verse: “This second verse is dedicated to anyone with a dream/And knows the definition of what following it means”. This is pretty similar to Logic‘s “This is dedicated to anyone with a dream/And a realization of what following it means”. Could be a mere coincidence, but this Logic reference, similarity in flows, and positive lyricism seem to point to the Maryland emcee having a significant influence on Diamond‘s style.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first track he has released in 8 months. During that time span, however, he has shown off his ability to go off the top in a few freestyle videos.

My homie sent me this beat and I HAD to Freestyle to it🔥🔥 (TAG FRIENDS)

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“Colour my book like Chance the rapper” 🔥🔥🔥 (TAG FRIENDS)

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Zach Diamond, undoubtedly, has to be one of the most talented young rappers in the game right now. The crazy thing is, he can only get better. The emcee still has many years left in his career, and it will be exciting to watch his development. Zach Diamond may not be a well known face in the hip-hop game right now, but it’s only a matter of time he catches the eye of some label executives.


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