Jonwayne is back with “Rap Album Two”

It’s been a while, but Jonwayne has finally come out with a new project. Titled Rap Album Two, this release is the first project that the emcee-producer has released since Cassettes on Vinyl in 2014. The instrumentals throughout the album have a somber and depressed mood to them, which perfectly suits the events that have gone on in Jonwayne‘s life. In 2014, he nearly killed himself of alcohol poisoning, and his life has since gone on an emotional roller coaster ride. As a result, he turned to his music to deal with his depression and feelings of loneliness. After listening to Rap Album Two, it becomes obvious that his state of mind significantly influenced the making of his album. Jonwayne had this to say about these events’ effect on his project: “Not to say any of that is interesting or that it’s interesting enough for a book, but essentially we did it this way so I don’t necessarily have to talk about it again.”

Jonwayne originally started out as a producer. He released 2 beat-tapes, Bowser and Oodles of Doodles. After those two beat-tapes, he decided to start rapping over his productions. Since then he has started generating a buzz with his Stones Throw label, which includes Anderson .Paak.


Jonwayne‘s media: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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