Apex Interview: Rob Hicks discusses influences, Cadillacs, and his upcoming EP

Rob Hicks is an upcoming emcee from Racine, Wisconsin with a unique sound. His discography is limited to two tracks at the moment: “SYNERGY” and “Perception.” Both of these tracks not only contain hard and hypnotic bars, but also showcase his underrated versatility. He just performed with rapper Sammy Adams in Wisconsin, and is readying himself for a huge year. Apex Hip Hop wanted to find out more about his story thus far and his future, so we went to the man himself.


Apex Hip Hop: How did you get started doing this rap shit?

Rob Hicks:  I started out just like everybody else I think. Just freestyling with the homies as a kid. It turned into something I enjoyed doing and found a passion for.

Apex Hip Hop: Who are your biggest influences?

Rob Hicks: Kanye, Outkast, Wayne, Big L, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, Rick James, and Danny Brown. Those are probably the biggest ones for me.


Apex Hip Hop: Thoughts on the current state of hip hop?

Rob Hicks: I like it. It’s not limited anymore. There’s a lot of bad music out don’t get me wrong, but I feel like there’s a great deal of good music out as well. 


Apex Hip Hop: What is your favorite song of yours?

Rob Hicks: “Perception” for sure. That was the first song I wrote/recorded as a father so that one will always be special to me. It’s been well received by fans and supporters, so I’m forever grateful for that.

Apex Hip Hop: Who are you listening to? Any other Wisconsin artists?

Rob Hicks:  Right now I listen to pretty much everyone . My favorites at the moment are probably Jazz Cartier, Danny Brown and Goldlink tho.. And fasho. Trapo, Von, Ra’shuan, Ish, 3rd, Amerikaz Addiction, BoodahDarr , Pizzle of course. I listen to a bunch of people from Wisconsin man. It’s a lot of talent here.


Apex Hip Hop: How long have you been making music?

Rob Hicks: For as long as I can remember man. I really started taking it serious after high school and things started getting real when I met my manager almost 2 years ago.

Apex Hip Hop: Tell me something people would be surprised to hear about you.

Rob Hicks: I’m really shy. Like I’m not good at meeting new people really. I’m naturally a quiet person man. Always have been.

Apex Hip Hop: “All I ever really wanted was a couple foreigns” is a lyric from your song “SYNERGY.” If you could have any whip, what would it be?

Rob Hicks: (Laughs) nice. I fuck with foreigns for sure, but I gotta keep it trill and just say an ole school Cadillac. Like the super long ones though. That shit will forever be player to me.


Apex Hip Hop: Can you talk a bit about your upcoming EP Paradise in Hell?

Rob Hicks:  It’s been something I’ve been working on or at least planning out for a while now. I put my life into it. It’s something special . Not just saying that because I pieced it together, but it’s really something special. I recorded a bunch of tracks for it with a lot of talented people who pushed me to better myself, and I think the results showed in the end. I’m excited for it. It should be out in early spring if everything goes accordingly.


Apex Hip Hop: Which distribution label did you choose and why did you sign to it?

Rob Hicks: We made the decision to go through TuneCore, as well as INgrooves. It felt right, I’ve been talking to both companies for a while now and once I started releasing music we got back into contact so it was done really. Empire was in the discussion as well.


Apex Hip Hop: What’s coming up for Rob Hicks?

Rob Hicks: Paradise in Hell man. It’s really going to shock a lot of people man, I’m excited for it. Videos, features, a bunch of really big shows, so it’s going to be a really good year dude. I appreciate the support!

Rob Hicks‘ media: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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