Remy Ma drops Nicki Minaj diss track “ShETHER” and Nicki responds

Nicki Minaj dissed Remy Ma with a few bars on her latest tracks “Swalla” and “Make Love” and today Rema Ma gets back at her. “ShETHER” is six minutes of bars from Remy Ma dedicated to tearing apart Nicki Minaj. This track sees Remy Ma reference arguably the greatest diss track of all time, “Ether” by Nas aimed at Jay Z, and hold back nothing. Not two hours after “ShETHER” was released Nicki Minaj fired back on Instagram.

Nicki‘s simple diss back to Remy Ma referenced Remy‘s recent album Plato O Plomo with Fat Joe that didn’t do as well as expected in its first week.


🤦🏽‍♀️ yikes.

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Nicki also just put up a post of Beyonce saying that Nicki is the “rap queen”.


😘 she said *bey 🎀

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Stay tuned for updates.

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