Chuuwee releases ‘Paradiso’ album from his five part ‘Dystopia’ series

Rising Sacramento artist Chuuwee released his newest album titled Paradiso Friday, produced by Below System Records. According to the labels page, Paradiso is the introductory story in Chuuwee‘s five part album series titled Dystopia. The album includes impressive but limited features from Looselyric, Abstract Ninjaa and Bishop DeFaun.

The album showcases Chuuwee’s ability to implement complex and often introspective rhymes while still weaving through a political and deeper message. The underlying narrative of the Paradiso album, is that Chuuwee is on his way to dystopia, portrayed as symbolization of Sacramento, CA. His use of imagery within his melodies makes you think about your own life and dive deeper into the personification of the album itself. Below System Records says Paradiso showcases a happier, lighter emotion as it accounts for the naive way of coping and complacency that we currently hide ourselves behind amongst all of the problems we currently face. The entire series accounts for the current state of America and its rapid downfall towards becoming a dystopian landscape.

Most notably what characterizes the album more than anything else is the recorded conversations before several hit songs on the track. These conversations are explained to be, “in the Uber, Chuuwee and his driver are discussing the various believes of why mankind exists and the values and depths of good vs evil. With each track on the album serving as a reference to an example of each topic spoken on, during the car ride.” With sensational album art that adds to the dynamic sonic experience, it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming albums in the Dystopia series.



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