Apex Interview: Schama Noel talks Orlando, his top 5, & his fans

Schama Noel is an Orlando, Florida based emcee with a unique story.

Let’s backtrack. Before Schama Noel, there was the RapLike Twitter account with several thousands of followers. This RapLike account was acknowledged by artists like Ab-Soul after RapLike tweeted lyrics mimicking different artists’ styles. It even got follows from artists like TDE‘s Jay Rock and Pro Era‘s CJ Fly. After fans began wondering who the hell was behind the Twitter account, it was eventually revealed. In late 2013, RapLike revealed himself as Schama Noel and released his God’s Playlist mixtape.

Schama immediately gained a large, cult-like fanbase that followed his every move. His relatability and unparalleled lyricism began to draw in a bigger audience. Since then, he has used his platform on Twitter to market his music. He released his relatable Eternal Feels EP in 2014, followed by his Ear Candy EP in 2015. In 2016 he released what has been his biggest song to date: a remix of Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott‘s “Goosebumps” track. “Goosebumps” has accumulated over 1.4 million plays on SoundCloud, but Schama is just getting started.

His lyricism, storytelling ability, and authenticity combined with his unique story make him an artist that you’d be foolish to overlook.  Schama‘s ability to market himself through Twitter and beyond will only continue to help him. His steady growth could experience a spike in 2017 as he continues to put out high-quality music. Look out for his upcoming project God’s Eternal Playlist, which he is currently working on.

We went to him to discuss his fans, his career, his “Twitter rapper” label, and much more.

Apex Hip Hop: Your fan base seems almost cult-like, what’s the craziest interaction you’ve had with a fan?

Schama Noel: Craziest interaction with a fan…hmm..I think some dude said he’d let me have intercourse with his mom ’cause of my music haha, I get things like that quite a bit.


Apex Hip Hop: Can you tell us about the plan behind revealing that you were Schama from Rap Like? Was it calculated for months or was it kind of a “fuck it” moment? Do you feel like that gave a huge kickstart to your career?

Schama Noel: Yes I calculated revealing myself on RapLike for a few months, posting lyrics daily raised the question ”Can this dude actually spit though?” which created a demand for actual music so I took advantage of that as I gained popularity with my emulations. And yes Rap Like definitely catapulted me to new heights.


Apex Hip Hop: How did growing up in Orlando impact your music? Did it?

Schama Noel: I think being from Orlando forces me to go a little harder because the world doesn’t know this city is a goldmine and if I can bring in something new, something unique, something ABOVE average I can shed light on the city and help other talented people which would ultimately let the hip hop community know that the south can compete. There are no real opportunities here as far as music goes, so Orlando forced me to step up my networking skills and be more innovative when it comes to marketing, finding ways to manipulate the internet to my advantage. 


Apex Hip Hop: What do you think of the “Twitter rapper” label? You seemed to have embraced it, did you always know Twitter would be your main platform?

Schama Noel: Honestly I don’t mind the ”Twitter Rapper” label, it’s true….I’m mostly known through Twitter, I also believe I can redefine that meaning because I have no manager or label at the moment, yet my SoundCloud is nearing 4 million plays total or being able to do shows and seeing that I have physical fans, they’re not just online. I knew Twitter would be my main platform maybe during the time I was conceptualizing Rap Like, so during 2013. 


Apex Hip Hop: What’s a typical studio session with Schama like?

Schama Noel: I get a beer, go to my boy Justin’s house(who mixes and masters all my music), we chat for a bit about what’s going on in our lives, what we’ve accomplished recently, and what goals we are going to accomplish, then he asks ”So which beat we hitting up first” as he sets up the equipment. Often times I tell him to surprise me and then we just record haha, nothing crazy or over the top.


Apex Hip Hop: Favorite song of yours? Most underrated song?

Schama Noel: I think my favorite song of mine is “Thoughts Of A Loner,” I feel that it transcends hip hop in ways my other songs couldn’t and it encapsulates all the emotions I wanted to convey. My most underrated song is “Doubtful Thoughts,” at least in my opinion, the cadences, the flows, the subject matter, the production, the beat change, I feel were executed to perfection.

Apex Hip Hop: It’s no secret that you’re a Kendrick fan. Who is currently in your top five rappers?

Schama Noel: My top five rappers are Andre, Eminem, Wayne/Jay Z(It alternates, treat these two as one), Kanye and Kendrick. 


Apex Hip Hop: Dream collaborations?

Schama Noel: Andre 3000. 


Apex Hip Hop: What’s coming up for Schama?

Schama Noel: More shows, more visuals, more progression. 

Schama Noel‘s media: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | RapLike Twitter

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