Michael Christmas drops music video for “Not The Only One”

Saying that Michael Christmas is quite the character would be an understatement. He’s made an entire song about looking for a taco truck in the streets of Brooklyn, mentions Michael Sara quite often in his bars (he even made a song named after him), makes many Pokemon references in his lyrics, and absolutely loves watching movies. Fudge, his most recent project, is a collaboration with Prefuse 73 and has been his most interesting one to date.

The Boston-based emcee has even worked with the likes of Logic and Mac Miller (and his alter ego, Larry Fisherman), wants to do voice acting, and even aspires to one day write a show for Adult Swim. For now he’s just rapping, but he can do that damn well. Michael Christmas continues this trend on his most recent collaboration with Tobi Lou. The music video is hilarious, and is worth checking out. The emcee manages to throw in some humorous lines like “I’m way way to soft to be trappin/ I hit the toilet seat often” and “My girl yell at me she say do the dishes/you not my momma nor my daddy dont be tellin’ me shit/ then i go back up in kitchen and I do them shits”.  The end of the video features a real clip of Michael freestyling while drunk off of his ass, and sequentially a video clip of him puking on the streets of Boston. How often do nights like these happen to 22 year old rapper? Fans can only wonder.  Check out the video below:

The beat is courtesy of Durkin, a Boston-based producer that Michael has worked with several times in the past.


Michael Christmas‘ media: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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