IshDARR drops “Foreplay”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is beginning to generate a serious buzz in the hip hop world. Arguably at the forefront of this movement is 21 year old emcee IshDARR. He broke onto the hip hop scene with his 2015 track “Too Bad” that garnered millions of plays. He then followed that up with his Old School, Young Spirit project and has since been creating a fanbase throughout the country with shows and new music. His superb rapping abilities are second to none, but today he reminds us that his songwriting skills are nothing to be ignored. “Foreplay” sees IshDARR tell a story of a relationship through mesmerizing vocals and raps. Check it out here:

IshDARR‘s media: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook

Photo via his Facebook

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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

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