Nas releases “Angel Dust” for Netflix’s The Get Down Part II

We last heard from Nas on DJ Khaled’s Major Key album, when he was featured on the song “Nas Album Done” in which he alludes to his highly anticipated next project. Nas hasn’t released a full album in almost four years, back when he dropped Life Is Good, but has appeared in numerous features including The Hamilton Mixtape where he worked with Lin-Manuel Miranda on the song “Wrote My Way Out.” He explained in a Jimmy Kimmel interview “When I started out, I didn’t know this thing would be so global. Things are changing, music is changing, so I just want to make sure … I gotta feel it. It’s all about the feeling.”

That was almost a year ago, but Nas has finally answered our prayers with a track he released from the Netflix series The Get Down Part II that he executive produces. The song “Angel Dust” depicts the scene of New York City during the late 1970s, a time when the drug known as “angel dust” (PCP) was gaining popularity. He explains the troubles and issues of angel dust and the dangers associated with it. Nas has been creating innovative music for more than 20 years and has showed no signs of slowing down. However four years without a Nas album has left the public wanting more, hopefully this released track shows a glimpse of the global impact he was talking about. 2017 will absolutely be a year to remember if the album is in fact finished and gets released. Check out “Angel Dust” below.

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