Yung Pinch releases “Man In The Mirror”

Yung Pinch is making huge waves with the younger generation of hip hop fans. Two weeks ago he released “Another Day, Another Dollar,” a week ago he released “Fuck It Up 4 Me,” and now he is back with another.  The self proclaimed “beach boy” makes wavy music that doesn’t quite fit perfectly in any one genre. He has a knack for catchy hooks and smooth flows. His newest track “Man In The Mirror” is no different. “Man In The Mirror” is an unapologetic anthem about his progress and continued growth. His enticing vocals are on full display, check it out below:

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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

Co-Founder at Apex Hip Hop
Co-Creator of Apex Hip Hop. Spreading dope music. Born and raised in Sacramento, California. Current student at Oregon State University. Message on Twitter for email.