Rexx Life Raj dishes out his remix to “Location”

Rexx Life Raj wanted to show the world his artistic style isn’t just about having tremendous flow and melodies, but also that he has the ability to write some truly fire verses. Khalid’s “Location” was just the beat Raj needed, and he delivered. After coming off recent successful collaborations with big artists like Russ and P-Lo, Raj knew his fans were eager for something fresh. Keeping up with today’s pop culture Raj had to throw in a line about one of America’s favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones. Some of the best lines from the Location remix include:

“Cause I speak Caucasian with the sharpest tongue,  aiming for the stars but what if the stars ain’t far enough.”

“all money ain’t good money, I just trust my intuition. I learned that playing Bones, play like Game of Thrones, I just tell my Khaleesi to hold me down when I’m gone.”

Check out Rexx Life Raj’s take on “Location” above and be sure to listen to the last 60 seconds of the song to hear his take on Netflix n’ Chill, you won’t be disappointed.

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