Did G-Eazy go hard enough over 9th Wonder production on “Maximum?”

G-Eazy is often associated with “white girl rap” about drinking, drugs, and partying. It could be argued that he is often thought of as a radio pop star more than a serious rapper. Yesterday he released a song to prove the doubters wrong. He linked up with legendary producer 9th Wonder for their song “Maximum.” This track strays away from any poppy hooks or catchy flows and instead favors real raps and lyricism. G-Eazy oozes an authentic Bay Area vibe that, amidst the wordplay, shows off how effortlessly he can flow. “Maximum” solidifies his versatility while displaying his technical rapping skills. He even drops countless Eminem references.

With its easygoing nature, it could be argued that there are obvious shortcomings in “Maximum.” The song’s lack of grit and hard hitting bars might turn off many hip hop heads. G-Eazy shows he can rap, but did he really come hard enough over a beat from a legend? Decide for yourself:

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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

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