Dumbfoundead reflects on new ‘Foreigner’ EP

Los Angeles based emcee Dumbfoundead just released Foreigner, an EP focused on being an outcast, particularly as an Asian-American. Dumbfoundead was born to Korean immigrant parents and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles. His fan base has grown well outside of the city, and he has now become an international hip hop ambassador.

Foreigner is a five track EP that sees Dumbfoundead put a new perspective on the word “foreigner.” He takes a positive approach to a word with an often negative connotation.

“The Foreigner project is for all the outsiders. As an Asian-American (a.k.a. gyopo) I never knew where I belonged. I had two identities, neither one being fully accepting me. Even when I visited Korea, my home country, I felt like a Foreigner. While I didn’t fully understand the language, I was still embraced by those who followed my music. This mini-album is my first project ever distributed in Korea and I wanted to flip the word “Foreigner” (which is usually used in a negative way) into something positive,” Dumbfoundead said in a press release.

Foreigner was released via his newly formed label BORN CTZN. Check it out below:

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