Amon vibes on “Happy”

San Diego underground rapper Amon has been releasing a steady stream of singles the past few weeks. His most recent track, “Happy.” is certainly one to vibe with. On his more recent tracks Amon has been working with other producers, but it appears that he self-produced this track, which was the case for the majority of his older music. He’s already proven his ability to come up with catchy hooks, true rap bars, and creative beats. Needless to say, he’s a talented kid that’ll be fun to watch develop.

Check out “Happy” on SoundCloud:

Amon has a fresh sound. His beats are often filled with vibey melodies, but at the same time has a trap feel due to the hard-hitting bass. Amon‘s lyrics are often emotionally driven, but don’t get mislead that he’s a soft rapper. He’s also proven his ability to go hard on bangers such as “New Boo”. The young rapper also featured on fellow San Diego local Van Jamme‘s mixtape, The Waiting Game.

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Photo via artist’s Twitter


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