Phora’s Yours Truly 2017 Tour is just getting started

Anaheim emcee Phora is beginning his Yours Truly 2017 Tour, and recently stopped by the Observatory in Santa Ana for a show. The legendary venue was sold out, and this immediately spoke to the love Phora gets from his home.

The show began at 11PM, but Phora didn’t actually hit the stage until much later. Well after midnight, the audience was growing tired and the “Phora” chants were starting to become less enthusiastic. Around 12:45AM, the rapper busted out from backstage and woke the crowd up.

He apologized for his tardiness, and the show began on a high note.

It was evident after the first few songs that everyone in the room would know the lyrics to just about any track Phora performed.  He engaged the crowd not only through the music, but every time there was a break in songs he took the time to preach positivity. He talked to his fans about his appreciation for them while he taught lessons of self acceptance and self belief.

The crowd would scream repeatedly until they got his attention. With every “I love you Phora,” there would be an equally as energetic “I love you too” come from the stage.

Midway through the show he payed homage to two artists he says were huge influences on him, Tupac and Biggie. After this, he played his hit “Came Up” and confetti began to fly. The bass shook the building and the crowd bounced along with it.

Phora kept the crowd’s attention and engagement throughout the whole show. His upbeat performance left a resounding feeling of positivity throughout the Observatory in Santa Ana.

With a full tour ahead of him and an August 18th release date for his upcoming album Yours Truly Forever, summer of 2017 shaping up to be a big one for the young artist. Check out the rest of Phora‘s tour dates down below and preorder his upcoming album here:


Find Phora on: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook

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