Slick Rick and KRS-One proved they still got it in San Diego

Two legendary emcees recently went on a short run of shows through the West Coast. Slick Rick and KRS-One are both respected rappers who proved to the crowd in San Diego they can rock a show as good, if not better, than the younger generation.

At 9:30 PM on Sunday night Slick Rick took the stage at The Observatory in San Diego. He came out dressed, from head to toe, in bright orange and an abundance of chains. The uplifting, upbeat tone was set with his first track. The authentic raps and head nodding began, and classic song after classic song was played. Slick Rick had the crowd engaged and chanting his name repeatedly.

DJ KAOS7, Slick Rick’s DJ, played everyone from Mos Def to Migos. At the sound of the “Bad and Boujee” instrumental, boos echoed through the crowd filled with old school hip hop heads. Slick Rick rocked every moment of his hour-long set.

After this KRS-One jumped out from backstage. Throughout the duration of his set, he would yell “real hip hop is over here” and point to parts of the crowd. The excitement in every fan’s eyes was unlike any other concert.

The legendary emcee preached about school and life, saying how he dropped out of junior high school and is now teaching lectures at Harvard. Throughout all this, there was one quote that seemed to resonate with every person in the room.

“Your mind is the greatest jewel you can ever possess,” he said.

Next, he through out tennis balls with his signature on them to the crowd of over a thousand. As he was finishing this up, a few fans raised their vinyls in the air.

Immediately after this KRS-One stopped the show to sign the records. He preached peace and rocked the show through the rest of the night.

Check out some photos of the two legends below:

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