Atmosphere impresses on their ‘Welcome to California’ Tour

On August 17th at the Observatory in Santa Ana, Atmosphere played an impeccable set in front of a sold-out crowd of over 1,000 excited fans.

The fans were hooked from the beginning. At first only Ant came out from behind the stage, and the crowd began to scream. Shortly after this, Slug came out and the crowd erupted. After a couple quick songs to get the crowd energized, Slug called on the soundman to to turn up the music.  The tone was set, and every person’s eyes were locked on the iconic duo. They went through their 20 year-old discography and never relinquished the attention of the sold-out Observatory.

They played a couple songs from their project Overcast, which had turned 20 a couple weeks before the concert. After an impressive first half of playing hit after hit, Slug took time to have a heart to heart with their fans.

“20 years ago I didn’t give a fuck about you. And here we are today, and suddenly I give a fuck about you,” Slug said to the crowd.

Cheers of appreciation echoed through the legendary venue.

The hip hop veterans moved every person in the crowd in a way unlike any show at the Observatory has before. They didn’t play with the audience’s emotions, but they did take them through a rollercoaster of feelings.

As they dove deeper into their discography, the overarching theme of the night quickly became evident. One simple word can describe the feeling that rang through the mind of every person in the room: unity. 

Slug acknowledged that his group’s music has helped people through difficult times, but then presented a perspective that isn’t often documented.

“You helped me get through a very hard time. So technically you are my everything, thank you for that,” he said.

His genuine appreciation seemed to be reciprocated by every member of the audience. They were moved with every song, and the positivity that radiated from the stage was infectious.

As the night drew to a close, Slug had another heart to heart with the fans that were beginning to seem more like family. He told that after he found out he was having another child, he immediately called his booking agent to say he wanted to go to California.

Their Welcome To California Tour has just finished, but it proved that Atmosphere‘s music isn’t going anywhere. The way they moved the crowd was unparalleled. The obvious connection they have with their fans is clearly something that age cannot damper.

“Thank you for making us feel at home,” Slug said towards the end of their performance.

As a fan, thank you for making us feel at home for a night at your show.

Check out photos from the night below:


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