Marty Grimes drops two new videos

Berkeley emcee and pizza connoisseur Marty Grimes has been grinding.  Earlier this year, Grimes dropped and toured for his second album “Martyjuana,” a cleverly named, laid back deep dive into his hustle to the top.  Now, between working on his next project, Cold Pizza, Marty Grimes has found time to make sick videos for two of the standouts on his Martyjuana album: “Wishin'” and “Stay True”.

“Wishin'” finds Marty alone, drunkenly mulling over a lost connection in the wee hours of the morning.  The dark, hazy, and vibrantly colored shots really capture the moment.

“Stay True” is a bit more straightforward, though just as pretty.  “Stay True” is, as the name implies, about being true to yourself.  Consequently, the video has simple but eye catching shots of Marty in the studio, driving open roads, and even hooping with friends.

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