Apex Interview: Q&A with A$AP affiliate Marty Baller

Marty Baller is no stranger to our site, and is no stranger to the rap scene. His career began as the official tour hype man for A$AP Mob frontman A$AP Ferg. After being dubbed “Ferg’s protege,” he released his mixtape Marty G Raw. This project put him on the radars of many hip hop heads, proved that he was a talented artist in his own right, and began the upward trend of his career. With an aggressive, poignant flow and features like Migos and A$AP Ferg, Marty Baller quickly became hard to ignore.

A few months ago he released his project Baller Nation that contained features from acts like Rich The Kid and Madeintyo. He defined his aggressive sound and proved he can hold his own on tracks with some of the biggest names in music. This project seems to have cemented his place in hip hop and allowed him to gain the traction he has deserved. His fan base is rapidly expanding, and he should be an artist to look out for in the coming years. Check out our email Q&A with Marty Baller, where he spoke about his project, his creative process, and much more:

Apex Hip Hop: Were there any pressures to have a certain sound, being that you are coming up from New York? Especially being that you’re an A$AP affiliate?

Marty Baller: Not at all, no pressure. A$AP is a free minded group of people, everybody is able to express their self through their art.

Apex Hip Hop: Were there any big events or influences that lead to the creation of BALLER NATION? What’s making this album been like?

Marty Baller: A whole a lot stuff . That’s how I was born. Baller Nation. Everything I grew up on and I’m associated with is Baller Nation. It’s basically the latest update of everything I’ve soaked up. It’s been creative, I made most of it at home and the rest in big studios.

Apex Hip Hop: You have some big names on this project, what’s your creative relationship with them like? Do you feel like any of these guys have influenced your sound?

Marty Baller: These guys are considered my bros, [my] mutual friends, they all got their own style and sound. Music makes our friendships better. I’m influenced by traditional music, I listen to everything.

Apex Hip Hop: What’s a studio session with Marty Baller like? Do you make a party out of it or just keep it within the team?

Marty Baller: Well [a] studio session with me is unpredictable, fun, [and] interesting. I like to combine different kinds of people in one room and create something out of it. Music school, we learn from each other.

Apex Hip Hop: How long were you making music before you really gained traction? What was it like knowing you had fans that would ride with whatever you released?

Marty Baller: I’ve been making music since I was a baby, I was singing out the womb. It’s good knowing I got fans, they keep me going. 

Apex Hip Hop: Have you had any crazy fan interactions?

Marty Baller: I mean girls get tattoos all the time, that’s not too crazy.

Apex Hip Hop: Thoughts on the current state of hip hop?

Marty Baller: I think we need more unity and more structure as a genre itself. Artists need to get their money, I don’t feel we getting paid for our music the right way, we still got to hustle.

Apex Hip Hop: How do you continue to develop after this project? What’s next for Marty Baller?

Marty Baller: Just keep making more music, building more character, [and] getting my story out there. My next move, I walk by faith, could be anything.

Apex Hip Hop: I really like “Remember,” what do you feel like is your most underrated song(on this album or in general)?

Marty Baller: Most underrated song would be “Remember,” I created a movie with this song.

Find Marty Baller on: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | MartyBallerOfficial.com 

Photo courtesy of Postal Music Entertainment and Baller Productions, Inc

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