Injury Reserve head to the “North Pole”

Great music comes from the most unlikely places.  A killer example is Arizona underground rap trio Injury Reserve. Next level producer Corey Parker and versatile rappers J Stepa, and Ritchie With a T have been releasing punchy, spastic boom-bap rap that has been turning heads all over the country.  And with good reason.  Their latest album Floss is a slap to the face, packed to the brim with aggressive, self aware bars over banging, chopped-to-hell instrumentals sure to make you jump out of your seat.  And now, they’ve dropped the first single from their next project, Drive It Like It’s Stolen, complete with a sick video.

“North Pole” is distinctly slower than their other music, though it’s a testament to the trio’s versatility.  While Injury Reserve generally has some fairly introspective and deep lyrics, they really doubled down on it for “North Pole”. It sounds more like a deep cut off of Live From the Dentist Office than anything else.  The beat is barebones, some chopped vocals and guitar riffs, but it creates a truly beautiful ambiance for Stepa and Ritchie to spit over.  The video finds the trio in a faux snowstorm, reflecting on coming up, being lost, and lost loved ones.  At its heart, “North Pole” is about feeling cold in the warmest of places.  Peep the video below:

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