Rob Hicks lets loose on ‘Paradise In Hell’ EP

Back in February, Rob Hick‘s sat down with Apex Hip Hop to give us some insight into the Wisconsin rapper’s influences and background. You can check out that interview here. Hicks wrapped up the session by telling fans that his next big move is releasing his Paradise In Hell  EP, which made its debut this week. When asked about the project Hicks said “It’s been something I’ve been working on or at least planning out for a while now. I put my life into it. It’s something special . Not just saying that because I pieced it together, but it’s really something special. I recorded a bunch of tracks for it with a lot of talented people who pushed me to better myself, and I think the results showed in the end. I’m excited for it. It should be out in early spring if everything goes accordingly”.

Hicks claimed that the project was going to shock people, and he delivered. The upcoming emcee brings fire and intensity that can only be the result of a young man brought up going through hell. Through this intensity you can tell Hicks has been to hell and back, but he manages to forge his own paradise in the chaos around him. Tracks like “Reign Clouds” and “Ghost” demonstrate how Rob Hicks is able to masterfully switch flows over a beat to take listeners on a roller coaster ride as he speeds up and slows down his bars over the beat. “Midnight Maraude” and “Bail Money” capture the essence of the project as Hicks shows you the madness and darkness of the streets around him.

Hicks is able to show veteran like versatility on the EP as well. “Siracha” allows the emcee to excel over minimal production as he rides the beat tightly with quick and catchy bars. On “Party In Paradise” Rob Hicks brings in Ted Parks to juxtapose his rapid fire delivery with Parks’s melodic vocals. Overall, this project showcases the raw talent Hicks has and eludes to a promising future in hip hop. You can check out the Paradise In Hell EP below:

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