$outh$ide Worldwide drop debut ‘W.A.W.A’

Something big is happening in New Jersey.  Southside Jersey to be exact.  It started with Camden NJ’s intensely talented emcee Mir Fontane.  His debut album Camden was a masterful balance of absolute bangers, R&B hooks, and lyrical storytelling that truly showcased his hip hop prowess.  It was also chock full of references to his previous EP Who’s Watching The Kids, a criminally under-listened introduction to Fontane  and his style.  Now, Mir is back with frequent collaborators and fellow NJ natives Ish Williams, Kenif Muse, Kev Rodgers, and Shaqeyah to form NJ collective $OUTH$IDE WORLDWIDE, and they’re demanding attention.

Their debut tape W.A.W.A (We All Won Already) is a great debut for the promising group of rappers, singers, and producers.  It opens with some fire party slaps, has a short but groovy singing interlude, then closes out even harder than it started.  Everyone moves around on this album, producers get verses, Shaqeyah gets a pretty solo on ‘Wednesday’, and Mir generally takes a backseat aside from hooks or a verse or two.  Though all in all, it comes together super well.  $OUTH$IDE doesn’t mess around.  Listen to W.A.W.A below.

Mir Fontane / Kev Rodgers / Shaqeyah / Ish Williams / Kenif Muse

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