Apex Interview: Bugus talks DIEMON, Atlanta, and his release pattern

Bugus is a Los Angeles-born and Georgia-bred artist who began the label DIEMON with his friend Russ in 2011. After Bugus made some noise with his smooth flows and impressive songwriting, Russ became the label’s first artist to get a platinum single. Russ now has two to his name, but Bugus has undeniably held his own next to one of the biggest artists out now. Bugus has been releasing music every week on SoundCloud for some time, and has garnered an impressive, dedicated fan base. His recent track “Magazine” caught our eye, so we knew we wanted to reach out to the talented emcee.

It’s hard to say that Bugus isn’t on his way to blowing up. He’s hanging out with the biggest names in music, has one of the strongest fan bases out, and can rap his ass off. His artistry, lyricism, imagery, and songwriting skills are all top-level, and he should have no time gaining a bigger fan base with his unparalleled consistency.  Check out our Q&A with Bugus below:

Apex Hip Hop: Can you talk about the formation of DIEMON? What was the purpose of making the crew and what do you guys still have to accomplish?

Bugus: Russ & I formed DIEMON in 2011. We’d already been making music together for a couple years but in 2011 we wanted to have our own record label because we knew we were going to be making music for the rest of our lives. There’s still so much to accomplish. We want to put our music in the ears of everyone in the entire world.

Apex Hip Hop: Does DIEMON ever plan on signing any artists? Who are some of your personal favorite musical acts out today?

Bugus: Yeah, not right now though. Much later down the line. Right now I like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kanye, JAY Z and some other people here and there. 

Apex Hip Hop: What was coming up in Georgia like? Do you feel like your sound has been at all influenced by the variety of artists from the Atlanta area?

Bugus: Coming up in Atlanta was fun as hell. I’ve performed at every local venue as an opening act so many times. I’ve done a lot of shows down in Athens at UGA. I don’t really feel like my sound has been influence by other ATL artists because I don’t make trap music and that’s the sound of Atlanta right now.

Apex Hip Hop: What are some of your career highlights thus far?

Bugus: I’m not quite sure yet but getting to meet some of my favorite artists like J.Cole and Lil Wayne and Scott Storch has been dope as hell. 

Apex Hip Hop: You’ve been releasing music every week for some time. Why this steady release pattern? How much longer do you plan to release music this way?

Bugus: I put out songs steadily because I’m flooding the game with Bugus. I’m going to do it until the game has been flooded. 

Apex Hip Hop: What’s a studio session with you like?

Bugus: It depends. Some nights I just sit and listen to beats all night and some nights I write and record. So the nights where there’s no action would be really boring for a spectator. 

Apex Hip Hop: Any crazy fan interactions?

Bugus: Yeah, met a fan on the street in Paris and he rapped a lot of my songs word for word. It was nuts because he didn’t speak much English but he knew all my lyrics. Shit was nuts.

Apex Hip Hop: What do you feel is your most underrated song? What’s your favorite song you’ve made?

Bugus: Free Bird. I think it’s a hit. I think it’s criminally slept on. It my favorite song right now.

Apex Hip Hop: What’s up next? Can fans expect a project anytime soon?

Bugus: Expect dope, new music. Stay tuned.

Apex Hip Hop: What am I missing?

Bugus: If you’re reading this, follow your dreams. Work hard and pray.

Check out his latest track:

Find Bugus on: Twitter / SoundCloud / Facebook / Instagram

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