Post Malone’s ‘Stoney’ Tour is one you won’t want to miss

The Stoney Tour is making its way around the country with Post Malone, Smokepurpp, and Cassow. On September 29th, the tour made a stop in Portland at the Roseland Theater. Apex Hip Hop was there to provide photo and written coverage.

The night began with Portland emcee Cassow delivering an upbeat, energetic set. After Cassow‘s hometown showed him love, he introduced the next man up: Smokepurpp.

Smokepurpp came out with an energy that immediately had the crowd roaring. The ground shook, and the tone was set for the duration of his stage-time. After one song, he confessed to the crowd that he had to use the bathroom. After a brief intermission, he sprinted out from behind the stage and everyone was back to going wild. Unlike many artists, he didn’t take much time to talk, but when he did he had all eyes on him. He told the crowd to split in half, and he had the lights turned off. He then told the two halves to clap together when the beat dropped.

The beat dropped, the lights flashed on, and the insanity had leveled up. Smokepurpp delivered a set unlike any live performance I had seen. The energy was unparalleled, and the crowd was tired but ready for Post Malone to come out.

From the moment Post Malone stepped out from the darkness, it was evident what kind of concert this would be. There would be moments of every nature. Sad, heartfelt moments filled up songs like “Too Young” and “I Fall Apart,” while positive, upbeat moments were developed through songs like “Rockstar” and “Candy Paint.”

There was one thing that was consistent throughout the entirety of Post Malone‘s set: everyone in the crowd knew every lyric and was consistently engaged. When he sat down and brought out his shining acoustic guitar for “Feeling Whitney,” the sold-out crowd slowed down and sang with him.

He never missed a moment, yet it was never overly-serious. He smoked and drank while everyone in the building had an experience of a lifetime. He drew the crowd in with his undeniable stardom, but kept them with his authenticity and relatability.

His flawless discography shined and proved that Post Malone is a force to be reckoned with.

As the night drew to an end, he told the audience a story about self-belief and about people constantly doubting him. As expected the story ended with “now they all tell me – Congratulations.” He then played his biggest hit and signed the night off at an incredible tone.

Cassow, Smokepurpp, and Post Malone all complimented each other’s individuality perfectly to give one of the best shows we’ve covered. Each artist shined and showed why they belong in today’s over-saturated hip hop game.

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