Hoodie Allen brings positivity and energy on his ‘Hype Tour’

Hoodie Allen recently made a stop by the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon while on tour for the release of his latest album, The Hype.

On Tuesday night the Roseland Theater was filled with fans eagerly waiting to see Hoodie Allen on his first tour in a year. First up was the Bay Area’s Myles Parrish, then established recording artist Luke Christopher, and then as 9:30 rolled around Hoodie finally appeared from backstage.

The pop rap artist came out to screams, yells, and a few “I love you Hoodie”s. In the beginning he played one of the most popular singles from his latest album – the Cisco Adler-produced “Sushi.” He immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention by grabbing a gold “gun” and spraying fake money into the extended arms of his loyal fans. He brought the energy from the beginning and would never let it go.

He showed his appreciation for each of his band members including his bassist, guitar player, drummer, and man on the keys. He introduced each one separately to the packed crowd.

Hoodie is known for his superb fan interaction and appreciation, and early in this concert he showed why his fanbase has remained so loyal. He brought a random fan on stage and let her announce the next track, “Surprise Party.” As the words left her lips, orange balloons flew from the ceiling and the crowd erupted.

Every fan knew every lyric of every track, and it seemed each person found a favorite moment at different times. His upbeat, positive energy shined, and so did his popular discography. Every beat drop came with lights and an excitement that lit up the room just as much.

A personal favorite moment was after the acoustic rendition of “Two Lips.” Hoodie Allen sat on the barrier in the crowd to perform his hit “Champagne and Pools.” He slowed it down, and it developed into one of the most authentic moments of the night.

After this, he performed “Fame Is for Assholes,” and then broke into singing “Stand By Me” with everyone in the room.

After a few more tracks Hoodie had an announcement to make: he would play “bangers only” for the duration of the concert. He succeeded in his endeavors. “No Faith in Brooklyn” was next and saw him harness the momentum he had built up to push through the second half of the show.

He shared a dream of his with the crowd in saying how he wanted to play “Ain’t Ready” on TV someday. It became evident that this was not only one of his favorites from The Hype, but also the fans’.

He kept up the energy through the rest of the show, proving why he owns a distinct lane in hip hop. Hoodie Allen filled every moment of his concert with positivity and an unparalleled excitement for his work and his fans. Get tickets for the remaining stops on The Hype World Tour here.

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