Dillon Cooper releases ‘Supernova’

New York emcee Dillon Cooper has consistently delivered raw, lyrical, new-school boom bap raps over the course of his young career. He just released Supernova, an EP that sees him further develop his old school, East Coast sound. Highlights from the EP include the first track, “Moltisanti Blues,” and “Shadows Pt. 3.” Each track showcases Cooper‘s crazy lyricism and hard rap style, and even the “Interlude” goes harder than many current rappers’ hit singles.  He covers a variety of topics, including his rise to success and future goals on the catchy “Not Yet.” The whole project radiates positivity and shows off Cooper‘s ability to be personable through his music. Check out the 5-track EP Supernova from rising artist Dillon Cooper above.

Find Dillon Cooper on: SoundCloud / Facebook / Instagram

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Jack Steindorf

Jack Steindorf

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