Marty Grimes’ is bringing pizza and positivity on The Cold Pizza Tour

Bay Area rapper Marty Grimes is bringing his love for weed, pizza, and good music all throughout the West Coast. He recently brought the Bay Are feel a a few hundred miles up the coast to Eugene, Oregon’s WOW Hall. The third show on Marty’s Cold Pizza Tour was filled with fans that he repeatedly insisted were family.

After opening acts including Kurt Rockmore and HBK Gang‘s Dave Steezy, Marty Grimes burst out from the side of the stage. He wasted no time – immediately breaking into his popular discography. He played two songs, and then spread his first positive message of the night: everything is all good. Fittingly, the next song up was “All Good,” the fifth track on his one year old mixtape Martyjuana.

being the Cold Pizza Tour, Marty Grimes brought cold pizza for his fans in Eugene, dishing out slices to a few fans midway through his set. He played a few more songs and was slowly getting more hyped up as his set progressed.

It was his first time headlining in Eugene, and so he had to make sure that the crowd knew that in the Bay, they don’t “give a fuck” about what anyone thinks. Marty Grimes and his DJ, Daghe, took a break from their set to dance on stage to other music. While escalating the engagement with the audience, he continued to perform songs from both his Cold Pizza and Martyjuana projects. The only times he would take a break from the music were to preach positivity and self-belief to his fans. He said that the message everyone should take from his show is to never not be yourself.

“Fuck the bullshit and do you,” he said.

He confessed he wanted to smoke with the family around him, and he immediately lit a joint and slowed down the pace of the concert. He used every lyric to harness the energy of the room and tone it down before turning it right back up.

After another couple songs, he abruptly said his set was over and that he was leaving. He turned around, began walking out, and then yelled “SIKE” before performing his single of the same name. The wooden floor shook with every bass drop, and fans sang along to every lyric.

As the night drew to a close, Marty continued to ramp up the speed and quality of the performance. With a couple songs left, he took the time to chug half of a fifth of Stolen Whiskey while fans screamed at him to drink. The young recording artist worked the stage like a seasoned veteran as he sang, rapped, and smoked. He closed the night with an uplifting message and saying that everyone in the crowd should talk to him after the show. He stayed true on that promise, and came out of the green room to a line of fans.

Marty Grimes didn’t shake hands with fans, pose for a picture, and then move onto the next. Every fan that came up to him was greeted with a seemingly friendly conversation and smile. He showed an undeniable and unparalleled appreciation for the people who support his work. His confidence wasn’t cocky, and his authenticity never seemed forged.

You can get tickets for the rest of The Cold Pizza Tour here.

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