Rob $tone tore up venues on the Stone Cold Tour

San Diego rapper Rob $tone is not to be overlooked. His Stone Cold Tour just finished making its way across the nation, including stops in Denver, California, and Texas for SXSW. About a week ago, he spent some time in the Pacific Northwest. He played in Seattle, and spent the 12th in Portland at Peter’s Room in the Roseland Theater.

Friend of the site DJRLOVE opened up the show, and Malik Burgers was the first touring act to perform. He was also the first 1207 artist to grace the stage. He got up and immediately set the tone for the rest of the night. He was gritty and raw with his raps as he gave the crowd their first taste of the Stone Cold Tour.

He showed a quickness to communicate with everyone in the room as he told them to reply “Burgers bitch” when he asked his name. He was also the first artist to give fans a preview of what music he hasn’t shared to the public yet, and it was all high-powered, tough raps.

Next up was Ant Beale, a talented Philadelphia rapper/singer who recently added a Grammy nomination to his list of accomplishments. He quickly took hold of the energy in the room and harnessed it for the duration of his set. He utilized auto-tune and instrumentals with booming bass to provide one of the better opening acts I’ve seen. Halfway through his set, Ant Beale told the staff to cut the lights and, without any spotlight on him, he shined. For his last song, he played his catchy hit “Sunshine” and bounced around all of the stage to end his performance on a high note.

Headliner Rob $tone slowly creeped into the light to begin his show, and immediately the fans went wild. The intimate setting at Peter’s Room gave him the opportunity to carry an energy with his fans as he welcomed them to their first 1207 show. He played a few songs, and then was quick to break into his arsenal of hits with his and Gucci Mane‘s song “Smash.”

After asking the crowd which of them were trying to get rich, he played a track with Malik Burgers.

He wasn’t done with questions, and the next one would excite the fans who were already yelling back his lyrics.

“Can I play some new shit for y’all?”

He then played an unreleased song where he flexed his quick rapping abilities while he maintained the upbeat tone that ran throughout the concert.

Rob $tone continuously interacted with everyone in the room, next asking if there were any ladies in the crowd. Amidst the screams, he began to play another unreleased track titled “Party At My House.” He had the whole venue chanting the lyrics to the hook by the end of the track.

He played a few more and then came into the crowd while the speakers went silent. The instrumental for his double-platinum hit “Chill Bill” began, and the crowd erupted. The floors shook and the room seemed to roar. The energy reached its peak as everyone shouted every lyric to the song.

After he got back on stage, Rob $tone asked the audience if they wanted another song. He acted like he was going to leave, but instead told them he would play something he had never before performed.

He ended on a high note, and left Peter’s Room with a radiating energy.

The Stone Cold Tour just finished in Denver, and Rob $tone is already preparing to release new music.

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