Nessly is leveling up on the Back 2 Life Tour


Atlanta rapper Nessly came to the Observatory in Orange County about a year ago. On June 28th, he made his way back to Southern California to the historic Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles for a stop on his Back 2 Life Tour. The intimate venue brought a small, dedicated group of fans together to witness Nessly perform songs from both his major label debut album, Wildflower, and his older projects/singles.

The short, well-lit stage offered the perfect spot for Nessly to make each fan in attendance feel welcomed and get involved. Nessly came out from backstage to one of my personal favorites, “DOVES CRY, LOVE DIES.” The crowd didn’t immediately return the energy Nessly omitted, but it would just be a matter of time. Before he played another song, Nessly quickly took time to speak with the fans in attendance.

He told them how his flight was delayed a few hours and he nearly didn’t make it to Los Angeles on time for his show. He then broke into the bass heavy “Ungrateful” and had the front of the crowd jumping for the first time of the night. With the mic’s pitch matching the autotune of the song, Nessly performed the last hook of “Ungrateful” a capella.

When he went into the first single of his album “Back 2 Life,” the crowd’s face lit up and they began to react with more intensity. After playing “Ballerina (Interlude),” the young artist checked with his tour manager Jeremy and then broke into “Catch a Vibe” from his 2016 project Solo Boy Band. The fans knew every lyric and Nessly quickly took notice of this.

“Y’all been here since Still Finessing?” he asked. After getting screams as response, Nessly shouted “fuck this awkward shit” and then got into the crowd to perform “Giddy Up.” Everyone in the venue leaped in unison and the energy escalated to another level.

Next was arguably one of the best moments of the concert in Los Angeles: Nessly brought a fan onstage to hit the Blocboy JB dance – and he killed it.

As the Atlanta-based artist hit his stride for the back half of the show, he continued to show an unparalleled appreciation for his fans. He played the ultra-melodic “Can’t Answer” and then told the venue filled with fans that “Secret” was the first song he recorded from Wildflower.

After “Secret” he performed the high-energy track “Jump,” and then proceeded to ask the crowd what they wanted to hear.

Shouts of many different track names came from every direction of the dark room. He proceeded to play a few older songs as he got into the crowd for a mosh pit. He then began to perform arguably his biggest recent song, “WHOHASIT” with a large grin on his face. Continuing the night’s theme, everyone in the room was screaming back every lyric.

Nessly showed even more love for all of the “day one” fans in the building as he proceeded to perform his older hits. The concert ended somewhat abruptly, but he told every fan that he wanted to meet them. He followed through on his promise and hung out with fans until the venue’s security kicked everyone out.

The young Atlanta artist elected for a concert filled with quality over quantity. He is beginning to hit his stride and is on the way to getting better and perfecting his performances. Nessly‘s ability to involved the audience in many different ways is unique – he consistently makes everyone in the venue feel like they belong.

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