Yung Pinch brings out Blackbear and Guapdad 4000 in Tustin

On July 30th, Huntington Beach hip-hop artist Yung Pinch performed a hometown show of sorts at Marty’s on Newport in Tustin, CA. The intimate venue with low ceilings was filled with a light haze of weed smoke before any artist took the stage.

Pinch‘s DJ and producer, Matics Music, got onto the stage after a slew of high-energy openers. Shortly after the “Yung Pinch” chants began, he burst out from backstage performing one of his first singles, “Rock With Us.” His face was lit up with a grin of appreciation as he went through the track. With Pinch‘s high-pitched vocals leading the way, the concert immediately caught a wave of energy. Next up was his feature on Lil Skies‘ song “I Know You,” and Pinch didn’t even need to be singing; the crowd had the verse down. He performed “Sex With Friends” as the condensed energy in the room began to prove that, while he might not have “radio songs,” Yung Pinch has plenty of hits. He worked the stage well, showing the whole crowd love and taking brief moments to soak in the atmosphere in his home county.

“20 Years Later” was next, and a large portion of the 21+ year-old audience seemed like kids in a candy store. He sang the last verse of “20 Years Later” acapella to a sea of fans screaming back every lyric. He played a series of singles including “She Don’t Want To Wake Up,” “Pina Colada,” “Juicy Fruit,” “1997,” and “Underdogs” before saying that he’d be right back so he could step outside to get some fresh air.

After the brief intermission, Pinch said that he had never done anything like this before and was “about to play one of [his] favorite fucking songs in the world right now.”

He began the second half of his show with one of the night’s best moments as he sang Blink 182‘s “I Miss You.” Oddly, the vibe switch up was the perfect showcase of Pinch‘s influences and what makes his approach to hip-hop so unique. The moment was honest and allowed the concert to have a more calm time before returning to its former energy.

“Matics drop that shit,” Pinch said before breaking into “YoYoYo / Hit Me With The Addy.” One of his biggest bangers made a strong impact on the already excited crowd but, in particular, the local crowd took the volume up a notch for the lyrics “714 I ain’t telling you twice.”

Almost consistently he played the last minute of every other record acapella, simply feeding off the crowd’s singing. For “No Good” he brought out the Hennessy-wielding Bay Area rapper Guapdad 4000. He then took a moment to be honest with the crowd, telling them how he and his team had been touring for eight months.

“The point of this show was to tap in with the motherfuckers [who started this shit],” Pinch said to a series of yells. He appreciated everyone in the room, and gave them a performance that they wouldn’t forget.

He then broke into “Smoke & Drive” and brought out Blackbear to sing his chorus on the record. The venue seemed to be leaping each time the bass hit.

“Thank you OC I love y’all with all my heart,” Pinch said to the room. “We just getting started.”

He finished the concert with a song that he and Lil Skies are successfully pushing to the masses; “I Know You” is a catchy record that sees two of the hottest acts out share their undeniable chemistry.

A year after being featured on our 10 Up Next, Pinch proved his time is now and he is only getting better.


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Photo credits: Nathan Groff

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