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Apex Hip Hop was born out of a love for hip hop and a need for a unique hip hop website. We set out to create an online music magazine with a freedom of creative expression. We hope to make this evident in every part of our site. Creativity drives our every move, but quality is the backbone of what you should find through our site. We provide the best recent music, and even feature videos, interviews, and freestyles to show you around the music world we are so passionate about. In our curated latest music section you will find your new favorite artists, as well as finding out what your favorite artists have been up to.

We provide concert coverage as well as photos and videos to review shows we find extraordinary. If you see a post about a concert, we recommend going to a show on that tour.

Artists and fans alike are already enjoying Apex Hip Hop’s weekly series, “Freestyle Friday.” This series sees us showcase a freestyle from an emcee while we highlight them and their talents. We will be putting you on to a new artist with superb technical skills every Friday.

Update: The team has pivoted the site to be a hub of great concert coverage pieces and editorials. We are located in Oregon and California, and strive to help promote great artists who are performing at high levels. We know that touring is how many talented artists make their living, and we’d like to help share the best tours/shows with the world.

Please reach out to us on Twitter if you’d like us to cover you or your client’s concert.


Our Team

Jack SteindorfCo-Founder & President


Carlos SwinburnCo-Founder & Creative Director


Vincent ChandraManaging Editor


Daniel Pearson – Contributing Editor


Sachin KumarContributing Reporter


Alexander ArenasContributing Reporter


John CarsonContributing Reporter


Jensen OcampoContributing Photographer


Dante MazzaChart Breakdown Series Director